Engineering Scanners

The field of engineering is broadening at an ever increasing pace, and the demand for high-quality engineering scanners is simultaneously skyrocketing. Thankfully, there are is a website that specializes in such technology: Here you can feast your eyes on a vast and varied selection of engineering scanners, all featuring the latest cutting-edge functionality, and all priced to fall within your budget. Whether you are looking for engineering scanners for your personal use, or for a large workspace, there is something for you at

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First consider the Graphtec CS Series. The paragon of this exceptional line is the Graphtec CS 600 Pro. Just what makes it such a superior model? The attention to detail, like the CIS Contact Image Sensor, which allows for 0.1 percent accuracy. Another extremely useful feature is the "hands free" Intelligent Thickness Adjustment, which works smoothly with originals with a thickness up to .8 inches.

Or perhaps you would prefer engineering scanners in the Vidar Atlas line. Take, for example, the Vidar Atlas P36 Plus. This comprehensive system allows for 2400 DPI maximum resolution, and 400 DPI optical resolution. With the Vidar Atlas P36 Plus, you can capture color at 42 bits, facilitating absolute precision scanning.

For additional information on these engineering scanners, and many more designs available at this popular website, perhaps you should contact them directly. Their professional team is always happy to provide individualized and attentive customer service. Reach them by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to