Encad Plotters

If you are looking for Encad plotters, and have been frustrated so far by a dearth of high-quality options, or an excess of vendors trying to overcharge, then you can take solace in the knowledge that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. That Holy Grail of online supply sites is www.largedocuments.com. Here you can find such monuments to versatility, speed, and quality as the Encad T200.

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The Encad T200 is a perfect example of the commitment to excellence that defines all the products offered at this site. The website itself is owned and operated by professionals affiliated with the EME Corporation. This means that this site carries weight in circles that matter, and the EME Corporation has risked none of that venerable reputation by putting its name behind this user-friendly and informative supply site.

Consider for a moment the diversity of a site that dangles before you the Encad T200 as just one of many choices in high-quality plotters. The T200 is the latest, greatest creation of the brains over at Encad, and it has solidified its reputation as the king of Encad plotters. It offers features and functionality streamlined for simplicity, but without sacrificing any of the advanced aspects of an interface required for the most sophisticated and vibrant color drawings.

This particular Encad plotter offers everything you need to get the job done: thermal inkjet with Encad Microburst technology, 300 x 300 DPI resolution and accuracy with monochrome and color (600 x 600 when plotting monochrome by itself), and fully-integrated PostScript software RIP for augmented processing speed. For additional information on this plotter, as well as other first-rate products at www.largedocuments.com, contact the experts directly. Call toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or send an email to info@largedocuments.com.