How enable the touch screen monitor on a WT CL scanner

How to enable the touch screen monitor on an Image Access WideTEK CL scanner.  Large Document Solutions have found that when a brown out or a low power condition is present on the WideTEK CL scanners the monitor becomes inoperable.   

It works just like your cell phone.  Once a low power condition is detected the scanner starts to save power by disabling non-critical systems of the scanner.  The touch screen monitor is in this family. 

To enable the touch screen monitor, follow these simple steps to correct this issue.   

  1. Go into the Scan2Net softare via your web browser.
  2. Login as the Poweruser
  3. In the “Base Settings” group, Select “User Settings”
  4. Then select “Display”
  5. Now make sure the “Disable internal touchscreen” is set to “NO” and the “Display Resolution” is set to “Auto”.  You can adjust the resolution here also.  You can play with this if “Auto” does not work.