Scan2Pad – Flexible Scanning from iPad or Android Tablet ​Mobile Scanning from Tablet PCs Changes the Way You Work

Scan2Pad allows Image Access scanners to be controlled using an iPad or an Android tablet or even a smartphone running Android version 4.0.3 or higher. Experience a new way to work with our book scanners and large format scanners and see how simple it is to operate them using our mobile technology, Scan2Pad.

Scan2Pad is available for the iPad free of charge in the iTunes Store. Look for the App “Scan2Mobile” or simply search for Bookeye or WideTEK.

For Android Tablets and Smartphones, download the App with a single mouse click right here on our home page. Just click on Scan2Pad.

Scan2Pad Features & Functionality

  • Quickly adjust the color depth, from black & white to grayscale or full color
  • Simplified brightness controls
  • Automatic page splitting
  • Single step PDF creation of scanned pages
  • Print quality copies of scans wirelessly via AirPrint (with iOS & AirPrint enabled printers)
  • Mail directly from the App
  • Upload the PDF to your iBook* library (*for iOS)
  • Synchronize scanned documents to the iCloud* (*for iOS)
  • Offline processing of scan jobs

Scan2Pad for all Scan2Net Scanners!

Scan2Pad supports all book scanners and book copiers with the brand name Bookeye as well as all WideTEK wide format scanners. The latest generation of scanners such as the Bookeye 4, the WideTEK 36C or the flatbed scanner WideTEK 25 can be addressed as separate wireless access points, making them ideal for use with multiple systems in the public domain.
If any (or all) of these options sound like they would fit with your specific needs, feel free to contact us at Large Document Solutions and we will be happy to help you add them to your scanning repertoire!