SmartWorks TOUCH
SmartWorks TOUCH comes bundled with most Colortrac scanners. This version uses an intuitive interface to simplify and speed up the scanning process. SmartWorks TOUCH has extended functionality while reducing complexity through a single touchscreen interface. Supports 13 output file formats. SmartWorks TOUCH greatly simplifies the creation and management of scanned files with a friendlier interface and help files.


  • Resolution: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 1200 Optical DPI
  • Formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TIFF G4, TIFF LZW, BMP, Autocad DWF
  • File Naming: User definable with numerical suffix
  • Scan to: File, USB and Email


SmartWorks IMAGING

This newest member of the SmartWorks software family is a fresh implementation of the scan-once workflow trusted and appreciated by so many SmartWorks Pro users. Optimized all the way through, SmartWorks Imaging is clearer and easier to navigate than SmartWorks Pro. Faster performance with revised preset control, better printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature make SmartWorks Imaging the perfect productivity partner for SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi large format scanners.

**Please note that SmartWorks PRO has been DISCONTINUED.

SmartWorks IMAGING has a lot of advantages over the older PRO software:
Improved multi-page PDF scanning
Unlimited scan length
iPad/tablet app for remote operation
Print drivers for almost any printer on the market
Current updates to keep up with new printer releases
Scan to e-mail
Windows 10 and 11 based application