At times when scanning problems arise, it is hard to know how to best go about troubleshooting the problem.  Most of the time it is something simple but where to start can be challenging.  Here are a few tips that might help to get the ball rolling.

  1. Are you scanning to a local drive or to your local area network.  Possible slow network speeds will cause a pause in the scanning process.  There is nothing wrong with the scanner it is just waiting for the local area network to catch up.
  2. The combination of a large scan size and high dpi can make a very large file if scanning if full color.  This could be a disk size, memory, or even processor speed problem.  One method to check file size is to scan at the same dpi but a small document size.  Use some of the windows utilities to check to see how much free disk space is available on your local computer.  There might not be enough space to save that scanned file.
  3. Check the 600 dpi scan worked in the past but now it does not.  This is a sign that something has changed.  Check disk space, network changes, or other configuration changes in the scanning software.
  4. Are you using the USB cable that came with the scanner?  The cable that came with the scanner is a 10 foot USB3 cable.  Older computers with certain chipsets do not play well with USB3.  Try a USB2 cable not more than 10 foot long.
  5. How long is the USB cable?  Longer cables (greater than 10’) sometimes have communication  problems related to syncing, try a 10 foot cable.
  6. You can slow the scanning process down.  In Smartworks Pro change the “Quality Setting” from 1 to 4.   Scan again and see if slowing the amount of data to the pc will help.
  7. Try the EZ Touch software that came with the scanner. 


One of the first things to change would be to upgrade the USB, Utilities, & Scanning software of the scanner.  Call Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464 and we can walk you through this process.