Colortrac has released its newest scanning software package for its large format scanners. It is called SmartWorks TOUCH. New and improved, it works with the SmartLF 25, 36, 42 Xpress and the Gx+ T56 large format scanners only. There are big advantages to this new software. The first is the graphical user interface (gui). We give Colortrac a thumbs up on making the gui more intuitive than the previous SmartWorks EZ Touch package. Gone are the icons that are hard to tell what they do. The new version has links on every scan parameter for easy adjustment. On the output side, the TOUCH package can output in PDF, PDF/a, JPG, JPG2000, PNG, TIFF, TIFF G4, TIFF LZW, PCX, BMP, and AutoCAD DWF formats. Another big feature is the multi-page PDF feature. The original package did not have this feature.

Features that Colortrac has continued to provide in this newer version include scanning to 600 DPI, auto-naming files with user definable with numerical suffix, Scan to USB, email, print previously scanned large format document. In a future version of this package, it would be nice to be able to perform a simple scan-to-print function. The install is just as simple as the prior versions. SmartWorks TOUCH is not available on the SG large format scanner models. Customers who purchase the SG series will still need to purchase the SmartWorks Pro software.

It is fair to point out some limitations in this product. SmartWorks TOUCH can only be installed on a Windows 7 or 8.x architecture. No more Windows XP here!

At Large Document Solutions was are always evaluating the newest software. We strive to give our customers the best solutions available. We do not believe in just selling hardware, we sell solutions for all of your large format scanning and printing needs and support them too.