An upgrade to Smartworks Pro

New for 2021 Colortrac has announced an updated version of the highly successful SmartLF SC Xpress scanner.  Now called the Smartlf SCi series of scanners.  Same price but loaded with the latest portable/cloud features, perfect for everyday scanning tasks. This scanner comes in two sizes, a 36” and 42” scanner.  Just like it’s older counter-part.  The SmartLF SCi series scanners give you very fast, high quality scanning in a great new package. New with this version is the LINK scanning option.  Scanning using a mobile device to control the scanner. 

In the past to control the scanner the scanner user needed a Microsoft Windows operating system or buttons on the scanner to control the scanner. 
The perfect choice for scanning or copying wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents.   Colortrac SmartLF SCi series scanners feature one-piece scanning sensors spanning the full scan width of the device. Only from Colortrac, the appropriately named SingleSensor combines sensors and illumination in a single scan line for unbeatable ‘all-over’ scan accuracy and best-possible document illumination. Simple and reliable, SCi series scanners deliver high-quality scanning at an affordable cost.

Also introduced with this scanner is a new optional scanning package.  This package is an upgrade to Scanning Master Pro called Smartworks Imaging.  Easier to use which includes easier multipage scanning, post scanning options and generally a more intuitive interface.