The graphics below show the typical condition of this Colortrac Gx+42 scanner.  This scanner other than a little dirty is in very good condition.  It appears that this scanner has seen its fair share of work.  Even though there is dirt and grime on this scanner, it seems to have been well taken care of.  After a tune-up, the scanner will be ready for many thousands of more scans. 

One by one each roller is cleaned and checked.  The graphic below shows the difference in how the roller looks before the service and after.

It is important to clean these rollers and keep them in good shape.  If too much grime gets imbedded into the rollers, the originals will tend to slip through the scanner and skewing will result.  If clear Mylar is being scanned, the debris on the rollers will appear in the scans.  Autosize will tend to give unpredictable results.  The scanner will pick-up the marks on the rollers and include them in the size of the document.  This will result in post-scanning cropping and time lost.  After the physical work is completed, the scanner in calibrated, normalized, then tested.  In many cases, the calibration is done 2-3 times to make sure the scanner is functioning as best as it can.

At Large Document Solutions, we have the technical knowledge to refurbish useable equipment into almost new equipment.  We take great pride in making sure our used inventory is in top shape before we sell.  Our rental scanners too are cleaned, calibrated, and repaired before they go out for use.  Give us a call at (866) 338-4464 or visit our website at for more information and information concerning large format flatbed, book, & roll feed scanners.