Canon Inkjet Supplies

Canon LUCIA Inks
Canon’s LUCIA pigment inks were developed for graphic, fine-art, and photographic professionals. LUCIA pigment inks produce images with accurate color reproduction, smooth gradations, and sharp details. These inks improve image quality by reducing graininess and bronzing, so prints look great from every angle. The LUCIA ink provides end-users the high-quality, archival output they desire from the iPF Graphic Arts print devices.

Canon Reactive Ink
Reactive Ink are used by iPF five-color large-format devices to print highly accurate, detailed AEC/CAD/GIS documents. By utilizing Canon’s proprietary Reactive Ink Technology ink adhesion to printed media is maximized. This combination not only enables color output with clearly defined lines and details, but also increases the durability of the print.

Canon Print-Heads
Canon’s iPF print-heads were developed to take advantage of the Full-photolithography Ink-jet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology. FINE technology is a durable print-head that delivers precise, detailed images with smooth gradations. Each iPF print-head has 15,360 nozzles that enable ink to be ejected quickly and accurately.
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