Changes from the BE4 -> BE5 Scanner

The power button “2” is now located on the side of the scanner.  System power is located on the back of the scanner “1”.

When the scanner is first turned on, a “Setup Wizard” screen is displayed.  This is a new feature with the Bookeye 5 Scanner.  This screen features all the most common setup options for a new scanner.  In this screen there are two boxes that would need attention, “Installed Options” and “WLAN”.

Enter the IP address, subnet mask, & Default gateway on first boot up.

In previous versions of the scanner.  The activation codes are installed at the factory or manually keyed into the scanner.  With the Bookeye 5 series, a QR code is provided.  After the scanner has been configured with an IP address for the location, the scanner can scan the QR code provided.  The codes will automatically be downloaded to the scanner.  No code typing is needed.

In previous versions of the Bookeye scanner a packet of calibration targets were provided in a clear plastic bag.  These were unmarked.  With the new Bookeye 5 scanner there is a tray under the scanner used to hold these documents.  The advantage is that they are kept with the scanner is a convenient location.  They do not get lost!

The Bookeye 4 version and older models use a recovery key to restore the usable drive partition if a major problem arises.  The Bookeye 5 series no recovery key is needed.  A RED button has been installed in place of the separate key.  Just push the RED button on the back of the scanner at the same time pushing to power button on the side.  The advantage having the reset function built into the scanner is that the key never gets lost!

NOTE: this function should only be used in concert with technical support from trained scanner technicians at Large Document Solutions.

Another new fetcher of the Bookeye 5.  There are up to two backup copies of the Scan2Net Linux operating system stored on the internal solid state internal hard drive. The first one is generated at the factory. This is the restore point “Factory Settings”. The second one can be generated by the user at any time. This is the restore point “User Settings”.

For more information about this and other scanners give us a call @ (866) 338-4464 we are glad to help!