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Why Rent a Scanner from Large Document Solutions

Scanner maintenance on Rental Scanners

By Large Documents - February 6, 2019

Why rent a scanner from Large Document Solutions?  The answer is simple, we rent and maintain our scanners.  We also provide online support both software and hardware of these rental scanners.

HARDWARE: Every scanner is serviced before they go out for the next rental.  Take for example this Colortrac Gx+42c CCD scanner.  It is not the newest scanner on the market but a real work horse.  This scanner was rented for an entire year.  The customer had a room full of large format documents to scan.  

This image shows the the left rollers.  They were very dirty and yellow.  Notice on the right, the rollers were cleaned.  They look almost new.

The glass was in good shape but filled with paper debris.  That too was cleaned.  The endcap was damaged.  This was removed and replaced with a replacement.  Hinges and lid locks are examined and tested.  Still a very good scanner. 

After all the maintenance and repairs are complete the scanner goes thru rigorous calibration and stitch testing.  Sample scans are created and examined.

The scanner is then certified when all the work is completed and the sample scan quality is excellent.

Large Document Solutions rent 24" -> 36" -> 42" roll feed, flat bed, and book scanners.  Give us a call, tell us the scope of your project.  We are glad to help.  Call us at (866) 338-4464