What’s the Stitch? All You Need to Know About Image Stitching

By Large Document Solutions

While our scanners are designed to accommodate larger materials, there are times when even our largest equipment—or your budget—can’t handle oversized documents. On these occasions, we find it’s useful to have an alternative option for scanning originals such as maps, posters and artwork: image stitching.

Stitching software is an innovative form of technology that was designed with oversized documents in mind, allowing users to scan larger materials in several stages. The software is then able to detect matching edges of different images, and align them to form one complete image. 

There are Several Options we Recommend: 
  • Made for Image Access scanners—including the WideTEK 25 and WideTEK 24FPerfectStitch software is an intuitive solution for fast and accurate stitching of two JPEG or TIFF files. The 24F even has edge-to-edge scratch resistant glass so that materials can lay perfectly flat for the best results.
  • Some scanners such as the Contex IQ Flex have a built-in oversized scanning feature, allowing users to double the scan area in an easy two-step process.
  • For users who are savvy with Photoshop, image stitching can also be easily performed through this third-party software.
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