Image Access Book Scanner Bed Configurations

By Large Document Solutions

Image Access book scanners can be adjusted to 6 different scan bed modes:

Auto Mode

In Auto Mode, the scanner attempts to recognize the position of the cradles in V-mode or in flat mode.

Flat Mode
In Flat Mode, both cradles are down and a single document lies flat on the scanning bed.

In V-Mode, both cradles are up so that the book lies in the natural reading position in the cradle. This position is the most gentle for old, fragile books.

Book Mode
In Book Mode, the cradles are either down or up, but the source material on the scanning bed is handled as an open book and the book fold will be flattened. The source document should be placed as near to the center as possible.

Folder Mode
In Folder Mode, the cradles are both down and a file folder lies on the scanning bed for scanning individual documents in the file folder. The folder should be centered on the surface. The red laser light should be positioned so that it is not directly on any of the folder's metal rings, so that the height is recognized correctly. If the folder has a light background, put black cardboard on the folder under the source document.

Glass Plate Mode
For optimal scan results, Glass Plate Mode should be selected whenever a glass plate is used (not available with all models).
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