How to Update the Image Access GUI Display

Updating the GUI is as easy as 1-2-3

By Large Documents - April 11, 2018

We at Large Document Solutions along with Image Access development recommend only using the ScanWizard software.  Both the EasyScan and ScanWizard are displayed on the scanner display from the factory.  The Inclination is to pick the "Easy" one.  This is not the best choice.  Yes, the application is simplier to use but does not include many of the standard features that are needed for scanning and saving.  It does not contain saving to network devices and some of the post scan features.  

To disable or remove an application from the scanner display, follow these steps:

1)  Lauch the web version of Scan2NET

2)  Select "Setup Device" and enter the password for "Poweruser".
3)  At the 2nd set of buttons, "Base Settings" group, select "TouchScreen GUI"

4)  Then uncheck "EasyScan" and click restart GUI.

5)  That's It!
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