Batch Scan Wizard - Creating Multipage PDF & TIFF files in One Action

How to scan once and save to PDF & TIFF in one action

By Large Documents - December 13, 2017

Follow these steps:
  1. Create and name the Job in Batch Scan Wizard. 
  2. Go to the “Image Files” tab and check the boxes for Multipage TIFF & PDF.  If you do not want individual files uncheck the box for “Image File Name”
  3. Then click Create/start the job.
  4. Right Click anyone of these scanning mode icons:

  5. When the dialogue box appears, change the file format from “PDF” to “TIFF”, then close.

  6. Now scan your documents.  When the job is complete, Finalize and check your saved folder there should be two files.  One a multipage PDF and the other a multipage TIFF.
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