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Protecting your large format scanner investment

By Large Documents - August 2, 2017

Image Access Preventative Maintenance Procedures
Preventative maintenance of your large format scanner is very important.  Protecting your investment is smart business.  Most scanners can be serviced by the customer with a little help. Take for example, the scanners made by Image Access.  These scanners are very well made.  For starters, the entire case is made with a metal shell. Other scanners in the industry have a plastic outer shell.  The scan heads are sealed guaranteeing a no maintenance product.  The following is a list defining what is done during a preventative maintenance visit:
  1. Upgrade service pack & firmware.
  2. Clean soft rollers with a cotton cloth with water only.
  3. Clean glass with 90% Isopropyl alcohol and a clean cotton or microfiber cloth.
  4. Run the White Balance calibration.
  5. Run stitching calibration if needed.
  6. Clean case.
With a little help via over the phone or via a web meeting all these items can be accomplished by the customer. 
If you own an Image Access, Colortrac, Contex, or Graphtec scanner, give us a call we can walk you through the maintenance of your large format scanner.
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