What is the Best Large Format Scanner for Archiving?

Best Large Format Scanner

By Large Documents - June 8, 2017

A good question!  The answer is, it depends.

If your archive project are books, a book scanner is the best.  Our recommendation would be the Image Access Bookeye V1A.
If your archive project are drawings then a roll fed scanner is the best.  Our recommendation would be again the Image Access WT36CL bundle #2 option with touch screen, Batch Scan Wizard, & stand.

So what is the best for both worlds?  The answer is the Image Access Bookeye V1A.  The reasons are simple:
  1. The scan region is a whapping 25 x 33.5 inches.
  2. Optical resolution is up to 400 dpi.
  3. Color depth is 36 bits for color and 12 bit for greyscale.
  4. Many file format outputs including PDF, PDF/A, JPG, PNM, TIFF compressed, TIFF G4.
  5. No installed software needed.  Scan using your web browser or onboard touch panel
  6. MAC and PC compatible.
  7. Adjustable book cradle.
  8. Scan to USB, Network, & Cloud
  9. Scan books, drawings, materials, thick materials.
  10. Ability to scan in 3D compatible mode.
  11. Ability to adjust scans without rescanning.
  12. Easy to use.
  13. Very forgiving, the “Scan & Deskew” feature straightens documents on the fly.
In summary, the Image Access Bookeye V1A is a flexible scanner that conforms to any and all documents.  Let us know what your archive project entails, give us a call at (866) 338-4464.  We would be happy to discuss your Large Document Solution.
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