​Scanning Black Boarder Documents with Graphtec Scanners - Case Study

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By Large Documents - May 5, 2017

A customer called Large Document Solutions asking about their scanner.  The scanner is a Graphtec CS500 large format color scanner.  Purchased from us in 2013.  It has been in active service for 4 years.  No service warranty exists on this scanner. 

The customer called thinking there was a problem with his scanner.  He was trying to scan a document with a large black boarder.  The scanner would not come ready.  The sensors would see the document but the “Paper” light just would not come ready.  When the forward button was pushed nothing would happen.  When the back button is pushed, the paper would eject. 

The customer thought there was a problem with his scanner.  The customer knew he did not have a mantenance warranty service on their scanner.  We took the call.  After about 15 minutes of problem solving, including checking the paper sensors and the curl of the paper.  We scanned an 8 ½” x 11” white sheet of paper.  The scanner worked perfectly! 

Hummmm we thought. 

The customer then offered the information that there was a complete black boarder around the document in question.  He then turned the document over and loaded the back side without the black boarder.  The paper loaded perfectly.  We then tried again the black bordered paper.  Again did not feed. 

AHaH! The problem was discovered!  The problem was the scanner could not detect the paper because it could not differentiate between the black boarder on the paper and the lid.   

The question was asked, are there many of these black boarded documents?  The answer was no.  The suggestion to this one-off scan was to attach a white leader to the document.  This leader will tell the scanner there is paper loaded and where it is located. 

The only post scan activity to this solution is to crop the scanned document to achieve the required result.

Problem solved! 

The moral of this technical story is that Large Document Solutions will support every scanner we sell for as long as you own the equipment.  This service comes with no costs.  Large Document Solutions provide this service as a small token of appreciation from us to you that we appreciate your business.  As we always say: “We Support What We Sell”.  

Give us a call at (866) 338-4464 and let us know how we can help you.
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