Used Scanner of the Week – Image Access WideTEK 48c

Image Access WideTEK 48c

By Large Documents - April 28, 2017

Looking for a nice scanner at a great price.  Large Document Solutions have a very nice WideTEK 48c CIS scanner.  In great condition.  This scanner is practically new.  New CIS modules have been installed.  These modules are very important in scan quality.  All New!

Now about this scanner, this scanner includes Batch Scan Wizard (BSW).  BSW is the industry standard scanning tool for high volume operations.  Also included is the scanner stand an catch basket, foot pedal for scanning efficiency, Scan2NET software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.  A 19" monitor attached to scanner stand available for scanning quality control purposes.  This enables the scanner user to quickly quality check each scan.  

Integrated in the scanner´s own built in 64 bit Linux PC. It is a true standalone system, capable of scanning directly to FTP servers, hot folders, USB drives, cloud servers on the internet or copying to printers directly, without the need for an extra PC. Illuminated by more than 1,350 LEDs produces extraordinarily sharp images, with color accuracy even superior to many CCD scanners. Scan an E-sized document in landscape mode at 300 dpi in 24bit color takes less than 4 seconds.

If you are interested in this wonderful scanner, give us a call at (866) 338-4464, will have technicians standing by!
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