Scanning in a Secure Environment Using Image Access Scanners

Image Access Scanning

By Large Documents - April 20, 2017

Scanning in a secure environment using Image Access Scanners can be a difficult process wading through the levels of security.  One easy alternative is to connect a stand-alone/non-networked computer directly to your Image Access scanner.  These Image Access scanners connect via an Ethernet cable.  No need for a cross-connected Ethernet cable.  The scanner is smart enough to detect the cable wiring and adjust.  The process described here is general but gives the steps to successfully create a mini-network with one computer and a scanner.  This process can also be done with a network hub between the two pieces of equipment.
  1. Directly connect the computer to the scanner with the Ethernet cable that came with the scanner.
  2. Boot computer, the computer should obtain an IP address from its own DHCP application or from the hard coded or preconfigured IP address currently in the system.
  3. Open a command prompt window and find out what the computer’s IP address is.  This is done by typing in the command “ipconfig” and press enter.  This will display the IP address of the computer.
  4. Take the first 3 digits of this IP address displayed.  This will be the first 3 digits of the scanner’s IP address.  The 4 digit needs to be defined.
  5. In that same command prompt window, use the command “Ping”.  With the structure “Ping  Where is the first 3 digits of the workstation and the ### is a number you made up.  If the ping command comes back stating it can’t find that device, then this value is a good address to assign the scanner IP to.
  6. Enter the unique IP address into the scanner and save it.
  7. The configuration is complete.
  8. Test your configuration by going to the workstation connected to the scanner and typing that IP address in your web browser.  The main menu for the scanner should display.  Once this happens, you’re done!
Any questions about this process contact Large Document Solutions.  They have capable technicians who can help you through this process.
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