How to Make Sure there are No Holes in your Work (Scans)

Image Access Bookeye 4 Removing 3 hole punch marks

By Large Documents - April 7, 2017

One of the many features of Image Access large format scanners is the ability to handle many types of original document quirks.  Today we have a document that has been 3-hole punched.  As in the example below, these can be easily removed from the scanned document.

This is an 8 ½” x 11” white sheet of paper.  Scanned with an Image Access Bookeye book scanner.  The only option change from the "Out of the box" scanner default configuration is the “Crop and Deskew” function has been activiated.  This is done with a simple button push.  This document in the scanner bed was also not placed straight.  After this initial scan, the document is perfectly straight as you can see!

In the 2nd graphic to the right, the same document has been scanned.  This time the “Punch Hole Removal” button has been activated, also a single button press.  Notice there are no black punch holes in the scan.  It should be noted that a 2nd scan was not done, the edit was done on the fly with no additional 2nd scan.  A great time saver!  The Image Access scanner removed the hole punches immediately.  

One nice feature about the “Punch Hole Removal” tool is that it keeps a light shadow of the original hole as a historical signature that a punched hole is present.  
After the scan, documents can be saved in PDF, JPG, or TIF formats as a raster file from 200 thru 1200 DPI.  These files can be saved to a thumb drive, network share, email, or FTP site.  A very flexible scanner.  

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