Recommendation for a Scanner/Printer Combo from Large Document Solutions

Best Scanner/Printer Combination for price and service

By Large Documents - February 22, 2017

At Large Document Solutions, one of our objectives is to provide consultative services to our customers.  We pride ourselves in providing the best scanner, printer, or scanner/printer combination for your next project.

Most manufactures have attempted this task.  The Canon M40, HP has the “T” Series, and Colortrac has the SCAN! series.  All coming is sizes ranging from 24” to 36”.  All are very good solutions.

The major flaw of all the above solutions is that the MFP software driving the scanning and printing is locked into the combination and functionality is limited.  Each manufacture limits what printer can be used and what software can run.  This software is limited and enhancements to these packages seem to be limited or not at all.

Large Document Solutions has studied this problem and has come up with what we think is the best of all worlds. 
We have paired the Image Access WideTEK 36CL.  A new product, 36” CIS scanner with the Canon IPF 780 36” printer.  The advantages are many.  Let’s start with price.  The Canon 780 is the best value of all the printer models and at 36”, the best fit for most businesses.  These printers are workhorses and easy to use.  The scanner, the Image Access WideTEK36CL is a newly released scanner in the Image Access product line. 

This combination works in both Windows, MAC, & native Ethernet environments.  This is not always true for some of the MFP systems.  With this combination the end user is not locked into the MFP software provided by the manufacture.  The scanner can be used via the 7” touch pad, the touch 20” mounted monitor, or via your web browser.  Security is complete.  The “Poweruser” can change templates, where files are saved, setup scanning parameters, etc. etc.  With this added security, the end-user is channeled into a scanning structure enabling the end-user to scan quickly and efficiently to get the job done and done right!  This hardware can be used as an integrated system or separately.  With the single footprint MFP stand, space for these two devices is at a minimum. 

Check this out!  Clean, efficient, fast, easy to use just what your organization is looking for.  And best of all a great price.  Give us a call (866) 338-4464 and let us know what your project specifications are. 

Don’t forget, we take pride in matching the best scanner, printer, or scanner/printer combination for your next project.
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