Image Access - Batch Scan Wizard - How to setup custom file names

Image Access - Batch Scan Wizard

By Large Documents - February 13, 2017

BSW – Enable End User to add custom name to file scanned
  1. Create New Job (or Update)
  2. Click “Image Files” tab
  3. Press the Edit button to edit the “Image file name”
  1.  Scroll down on the right side “Index list”.  Locate variable “user_name”.
  2. Click the “Insert” key circled above.  Make sure the user name is not the last item in the “Index Build” table on the left:
  3. The “Job Name” can be deleted.  It is advisable to leave, the “-“ and the page_number variable in the name.  If duplicate names exist, the BSW application will hang.
  4. Done!
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