Recovering Image Access Templates

Scan2NET Poweruser template maintenance

By Large Documents - February 8, 2017

So you just received your Image Access Scanner from Large Document Solutions and because you just love to play with new toys you start clicking around.  Looking at some of the wonderful features of the Image Access Scan2NET software.
You stumble upon the Scan2Net Configuration area.  Researched the password to open the door to the Poweruser security.  Low and behold, you discover the Base Settings group and the “Scan settings templates”.

Clicking to see what are the templates and what they do you see over 10 templates.  Using the scanner you see there are too many displayed and thinking they should be simplified.  Instead of “Disabling” them, you decide to delete them.

Once deleted, they are gone.  Are they gone forever?  They are not.  The Image Access Scan2NET application is customer friendly and reversible.  Simply click the "Reset Factory Defaults" button.

They will all come back to when the scanner was delivered.  Even better, the user created templates are still there!  The best solution to limiting the display of templates that are not needed would be to “Disable” them.  They do not show up in the pick list display but available if needed later. 

Questions concerning this.  Give us a call at Large Document Solutions, (866) 338-4464. 
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