Added Security with Image Access Firmware version 6.30 and better

Image Access Security Upgrade

By Large Documents - February 8, 2017

The engineers at Image Access have increased security for its flagship scanners.  This includes the WideTEK 36, 44, & 48 and Bookeye book scanners, along with the flatbed WideTEK 12 and 25 models. 

The gist of the security update in this version consists of allowing only the Poweruser to modify any system configurations.  Templates, the COPY feature, and even configuring the Scan2SMB, Scan2MAIL, & Scan2FTP features can only be modified by the local admin i.e. the Poweruser sign-on.

This change came about because end-users were modifying save locations and configured templates configurations.  This impacted the standards set by the business for their scanning standards. 

Yes security is necessary and additional security does impact the day to day usage.  In the long run, it is a badly needed feature and a thumbs up with Large Document Solutions.  We are one of the largest re-sellers of Image Access scanners.  
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