What is ScanWizard

Benefits of Image Access ScanWizard

By Large Documents - January 18, 2017

ScanWizard is an application used on any Image Access wide format scanner used for document scanning.  It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which can be accessed using any standard web browser, an external HD touchscreen or the touchscreen on the scanner itself. ScanWizard is operating system independent and requires no installation of any kind. After your network administrator has assigned the scanner an IP,subnet, and default gateway address, any user can access the scanner and operate it using ScanWizard.

ScanWizard used together with the PrintWizard,an another Image Access product, makes your scanner and any connected printers into a large format copy machine. Using ScanWizard with PrintWizard allows you to define your workflow with your own scanner and printer parameters. You can control where your work goes -- to which folders and how your work is output.

For more information, give Large Document Solutions a call at (866) 338-4464, we will be happy to provide more information on how it works and consult with you on your next imaging project.

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