Rent a Large Format Scanner for Your Archival Project

You can do it. We can help

By Large Documents - December 15, 2016

Thinking of archiving your Arch D (24”x36”) drawings but do not know where to turn.

Rent a scanner from Large Document Solutions. Our pool of scanners consist of 24” to 42” roll feed scanners to 18 x 25” to book scanners and larger flatbed scanners. We have a solution for you. Our workhorse roll feed scanner is a Graphtec 42” scanner. It can scan ARCH D size drawings in 2 seconds. Of course there is load and removal time but the actual scanning takes just 2 seconds.

The easy to use software just takes seconds to install and is easy to use. Scan can be saved in all the major file formats including TIF, JPG, & PDF and saved to a windows computer, USB stick, or anywhere on your LAN as long as you have access rights to that particular folder.

Rentals are usually 2 months in duration but we also rent scanners for a single month or a full year.

Whatever your project requires, we try to help. We offer professional advice before, during, and after the rental. The slogan: “You can do it. We can help.” Has been used by a national hardware store. That is not their current slogan. It is very fitting and descriptive slogan at Large Document Solutions. Give us a call remember, “You can do it. We can help! “.
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