Featured Product Highlight – Online Folders

By Large Documents - October 17, 2016

For this week’s featured product segment, we’d like to take a look at two different products from our large format folder catalogue – the Estefold 2400 and 4211. The reason we’d like to look at these two folders specifically is because they are both “Online” folders, meaning that they talk to the printer feeding the documents to the folder.  The folder operator does not interact with these folders as the print jobs are leaving the printer. Large format folders are designed to accommodate projects where folding of large documents can be tedious, time consuming, and potentially hazardous for the documents being folded, if conducted manually. Large format folders can also radically decrease the total amount of time involved with a project, allowing the operator to focus on other projects while the folder operates independently.

Both the Estefold 2400 and 4211 feature Este’s patented multi-function capabilities, offering the ability to fold in up to eight primary patterns, as well as eight cross patterns. With that level of customizability, the possibilities for how you can fold your documents are virtually limitless. Additionally, both large format folders can be programmed to fold documents into DIN, ANSI, or ARCH sizes, so you can be sure that your documents will fit their required measurements. If you’re interested to learn more on how a large format Estefold 2400 or 4211 folder can fit into your company, give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or send us an email at info@largedocuments.com.   
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