Colortrac SmartLFScan! Pros & Cons

By Large Documents - September 2, 2016

Today’s blog is entitled Pro’s and Con’s of the SmartLFScan! Scanner.  This is a very nice scanner for the right environment.  It is an entry level scanner with limited speed and user interface.  We suggest this scanner if our customer is in a Windows environment (not Mac) and does only a handful of scans per day saved to either to a USB drive or a folder on a network with no image manupulation, (post scan). Here are just a few Pro's and Con's of this scanner.  Let’s list them:

  1. The cost is great!  Can’t beat the price with any scanner.
  2. No need to purchase additional software to scan.  It is all right there.
  3. Scans great!  Perfect for drawings, maps, & printed documents.
  4. Light and portable.  Comes with a nice carrying case with wheels.  Perfect for those scanning jobs where the originals cannot be taken off-site.
  5. Sits on a table, plug it in and you’re ready to scan. 
  6. Scan to thumb drive or external USB hard drive is a snap.
  7. Scan and save to JPG, PDF, or TIF available.
  8. The scanner box is complete with calibration sheet, power cord, & scanner.  Everything needed to scan.
  1. Not a fast scanner.  If you’re looking for speed check into the Colortrac SC or SG models.
  2. User interface is not difficult to maneuver but a little confusing the first few time through.
  3. External chassis made of plastic, no metal parts. 
  4. Scanning to USB thumb drive limited to TIF format only.  JPG and PDF, the NETApp software is required.
  5. Scanning to a USB thumb drive limits the size of your scanned document. 
At Large Document Solutions, we recommend this scanner for a low volume shop scanning drawings and maps.  We have many scanners available to meet your needs.  Call us, we are glad to assist you in selecting a scanner that best meets your needs.  Questions? We would be happy to help.  Give us a call at (866) 338-4464 or email at
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