Best Scanner for Scanning Architectural Drawings

By Large Documents - July 7, 2016

Scanning old architectural drawings can be a daunting task but must be done.  The condition of these drawings are in question.  They could be rolled up and stored in tubes for years and years.  Edges are usually rough.  Don’t forget tape and tape residue on the drawings. A carrier sheet might be needed if the drawings are very fragile.  All this must be considered when organizing an archival scanning project.  Most scanning projects are short term and a rental scanner month to month might be the solution.

At Large Document Solutions, we have a wide selection of rental roll feed scanners to choose from.  Given your requirements, will dictate what scanner is best.  Large Document Solutions has put together a Rental Scanning Needs Assessment Form with all the pertinent questions.  Click Down-Load Form to receive the form. 

Scanning drawings can usually be scanned with a roll fed scanner.  Most drawings are 24x36 inches in size others can be much bigger.  Our go-to scanner is the Graphtec CIS 42” color or B&W scanner.  Features of this scanner include scanning blue prints and flipping colors, slowing down the scanner feed for fragile originals, a viewer option before saving, auto-cropping, batch-processing, Rocker-Mode just to name a few.  This scanner travels well so when it arrives at your location, it is ready to go.  Installation is simple, connected via USB and software install takes a matter of 5 minutes.  The customer can be scanning in minutes.  Don’t forget the training Large Document Solutions provides.  We can remote into the connected computer and walk the scanner operator through all the features of the software.  For more information, call (866) 338-4464 or come to our website Rental Page.
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