Graphtec Scanners - My Scanner does not work as good as it did before- Cause and Effects

By Large Documents - June 29, 2016

Your Graphtec scanners is not scanning as well as it used to?  Can it be fixed?  Is it hard?  The answer is YES & NO.  It can be fixed and is it hard, NO!  Here are a few causes and adjustments that can be done to get your scanner back to tip-top shape:

1)  The autosize does not work as good as it did.  Run the normalization feature in the Graphtec utilities applicatiion.
2)  Getting pastel lines running verticle in scans.  They are always in the same place.  Either the glass is scratched or there is dust on the glass.  In either case, run the normalization/calibration feature.  If there are still pastel lines on your scans, the glass is probably scatched.  Replacement glass can be obtained from Large Document Solutions, contact them at or (866) 338-4464.
3)  The colors don't seem to be as consistant as they use to be.  Run the color calibration application in the Graphtec utility application.  
4)  Paper or other materials use to feed through the scanner and it hardly ever jamed.  In this case, the rollers problably have a lot of dust and residue buildup on them.  Turn off the scanner and unplug.  Take a soft cotton towel, get the towel damp and clean each roller set.  Use a white towel.  This shows all the dirt and grime that has been removed from the rollers.  Do not use alcohol or windex on the rollers, this drys out the rollers and makes gripping the paper even worse.
5)  If your scans have stitching problems they can be adjusted.  Call use and we can connect via the web to help you through this adjustment.

Replacing glass, running the stitching utility, or color calibration is not difficult, it might be a little tedious.  If your in need of assistance, don't forget Large Document Solutions (866) 338-4464.  Our service is reasonable priced and if you purchased equipment from us, we service these scanners for as long as you own the equipment.
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