Questions about scanning technology and plotters

1) what is the difference between “technical” and “graphics”? 2) Can you run 36” paper on a 44” plotter? 3) Who many cartridges needed in a plotter?

By Large Documents - June 1, 2016

Under primary action, what is the difference between “technical” and “graphics”?
The difference is that technical scanners use CIS or Contact Image Sensor technology.  This technology is newer and less expensive.  These scanners use mirrors to bounce light to a stationary sensor.  The use of LEDs allows the CIS to be highly power efficient, allowing scanners to be powered through the minimal line voltage supplied via a USB connection. CIS devices typically produce lower image quality compared to CCD devices; in particular, the depth of field is greatly limited, which poses a problem for material that is not perfectly flat.

CCD (Charged Coupled Device) Scanners are scanners that use cameras instead of LEDs like the CIS scanners use.  These are the “Graphics”  type scanners.    

Can you run 36” paper on a 44” plotter?
Yes.  These printers have an adjustable paper roll holder.  You can even put 24” paper in these plotters.  We do sell plotters with 2 rolls.  Usually if you have more than one roll in a plotter, the paper is either different size of different quality.  The keeper of the plotter when installing the paper will tell the plotter what kind of paper it is using.  Then when a print job enters the plotter, the plotter can automatically pick which roll the report will be printed from.  
          Here is a picture of the roll holder.  Note the spindles can be adjusted on the bar:
Under #of inks – is this the number of cartridges needed for the machine?

Yes.  The number of ink cartridges.  These are considered consumable items.  Other consumable items include the print head, maintenance cartridge, and of course paper. 
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