Scanner Maintenance Highlight – Pay Attention to the Signs Your Scanner Is Giving You

By Large Documents - May 2, 2016

As large format specialists, we here at Large Document Solutions know just how complex large format scanners and plotters can be. In particular, without proper training it can be difficult to know when your scanner is experiencing hardware or software issues. Some issues might seem to be hardware or software related, when in reality they may be complex features of the device, or natural symptoms of wear (i.e. an empty ink tank). Whatever the case, we’ve got some important tips which should help you determine if the signs your large format scanner or plotter is presenting to you are an indication that it may need service.
First off, pay attention to any error messages which the device displays. This may sound incredibly simple (and in practice, it is) but it’s crucial to make a note of an error message when it pops up. Follow the instructions which the manual for your large format device recommends, and diagnose the issue to the best of your ability. Should you fail to resolve the issue on your own, give either ourselves or the manufacturer a call, and we will do our very best to get the problem resolved. On a similar note, if the issue goes away don’t dismiss it as a fluke. Make a note of what was going on when it occurred. Document any and all symptoms for future reference, in case the issue reemerges.
At Large Document Solutions, we believe that functionality of a device is of utmost importance – a device should perform exactly as advertised. If, for whatever reason, you feel that your device is not performing up to par, please give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or send us an email describing the nature of your problem at
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