Featured Product Highlight – Epson T-Series

By Large Document Solutions - March 17, 2016

At Large Document Solutions, we strive to provide large format plotters of the absolute highest quality – in this regard, the Epson T-Series of large format plotters are among some of the finest devices we have to offer. Epson’s large format T-Series family of plotters has been designed for projects involving printing of D-size documents or larger. Featuring optimized image quality and intuitive controls, each of the models in the T-Series will fit seamlessly into any professional workspace.
Plotters in the large format Epson T-Series come in three different sizes – 24”, 36”, and 44” designs. Apart from sizing differences, the specifications on the different plotters in the T-Series remain consistent. Able to print D-size color documents in as little as 25 seconds, the T-Series features plotters which are the fastest in their class. Similarly, plotters from the T-Series can copy D-size documents in as little as 40 seconds – a turnaround time which is simply unparalleled. Additionally, the precision on the T-Series devices is something you need to see to believe. Every device in the T-Series family is capable of plotting accurately to widths as thin as 0.018mm. Since every scanner in the T-Series uses Epson’s advanced color screening technology, you can be sure that the color representation on your documents is as accurate and vibrant as possible.

Epson’s T-Series of plotters features a line of devices which all make terrific additions to virtually any work environment. If you’re interested to hear more about how these devices can benefit your office, give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or send us an email at info@largedocuments.com
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