Featured Product Highlight – Contex HD Ultra

In this week’s featured product segment, we’ll be taking a look at Contex’s HD Ultra series of scanners. The HD Ultra is Contex’s premium scanner, designed to provide quality, productivity, reliability and versatility, all in a simple, intuitive package. In short – the HD Ultra is hands-down one of the most innovative scanners Contex has ever produced, offering a complete package at a reasonable cost.

The HD Ultra comes complete with compatibility for NextImage software, including NextImage Scan + Archive and Nextimage Repro. Using NextImage software, the applications of the already dynamic and versatile HD Ultra become virtually limitless.

The HD Ultra has been designed with workflow acceleration in mind. Built for productivity, the HD Ultra is intended for use in projects involving high-volume where speed is a critical factor. The HD Ultra is capable of scanning three times as many documents per day as any other leading scanner on the market – proof of its high-volume capacity. Utilizing the unparalleled efficiency of the HD Ultra, you’ll be able to win projects, boost productivity, and – most importantly – lower total costs. Talk about an all-in-one package!

Another impressive feature of the HD Ultra is its digital compatibility with other devices. The HD Ultra is compatible with both AutoCAD and ESRI, as well as other similar forms of software. Additionally, the HD Ultra can be connected to HP, Canon, and Epson plotters quickly and easily. We’re proud to be able to offer a scanner with such a dynamic range of capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about how a Contex HD Ultra can fit into your work environment, give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or send us an email at info@largedocuments.com
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