Legacy Product Highlight - Colortrac Series 4 Scanners

In this week’s product highlight segment, we’d like to take a look at one of our legacy series of products – the Colortrac Series 4 Scanners. While these scanners are no longer supported by Colortrac, here at Large Document Solutions we are more than happy to help owners of these high-quality scanners with any fine-tuning or enhancements which their scanners may require. While it may be frustrating to know that Colortrac no longer officially supports these products, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we are happy and eager to help any Series 4 scanner owners to get their scanners back into tip-top shape.
The Series 4 family includes the Colortrac 3640, 3680, 4260, 4280, and 5480 large format scanners. It’s been a few years since Colortrac officially discontinued service support for the Colortrac Series 4 Scanners. As with all older products, Colortrac ceased support for these products once they had reached a point in their lifespan where all of the units in the series had been replaced by newer models. This is typical practice for manufacturers of electronic products, large format scanners included.
While Colortrac no longer officially supports these products, if you have a Colortrac Series 4 legacy scanner and require service Large Document Solutions will proudly do its best to provide you with the right repair or part replacement service to get your device up and running. Large Document Solutions has accumulated a surplus of repair and replacement parts for all of the products in our catalogue over the years, and as a result we have tons of inventory for many of the devices which our manufacturers no longer support, including the Colortrac Series 4 family of scanners. While it is difficult to guarantee (since official parts for the Series 4 family can no longer be purchased directly from Colortrac), there is a strong chance that Large Document Solutions will be able to help you resolve any issues you are experiencing with your scanner, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or send us an email detailing the nature of your scanner’s issue at info@largedocuments.com.  
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