Save When You Bundle!

At Large Document Solutions, we’re all about providing the best products to our customers at the best prices possible, so when it comes to sharing info on deals we like to make sure that our customers are in-the-know! In that respect, we’d like to take a moment to share some info on how bundling a large format scanner or plotter with accessories can ultimately save you and your company a significant amount of money.
Large format scanner and plotter accessories come in tons of different sizes and packages. One of our favorite add-ons which we offer is the Rocket Controller, a Windows XP-based PC add-on which we offer for a broad range of our Colortrac devices. If you get frustrated with having to bring your PC or laptop over to your scanner any time it needs to be operated, then the Rocket Controller is the perfect add-on to solve your problem. The Rocket Controller provides a dedicated computing solution for all scanning operations, and ensures that you won’t accidentally damage your PC or laptop during transportation to/from the scanner.
The PC Mounting Option is another accessory which we think you may be interested to learn about. Serving as a nice compliment to the Rocket Controller, the PC Mounting Option provides large format scanner owners with the option to mount their PC to their large format scanner stand in an accessible and non-intrusive location, allowing for quicker and easier scanner access and operation. Additionally, the PC Mounting Option can be customized to match the customer’s preference, depending on device and model. Certain models support both left and right-side PC mounting.
Last the Universal Repro stand is another terrific addition which can be added to many of our Colortrac large format scanners. The Universal Repro stand will help to streamline all of your scanning operations by allowing you to access the entire package in one simple, intuitive interface. Best of all, the Universal Repro stand features a seamless single footprint design, meaning the entire package takes up a minimal amount of space.
If you’re interested to learn more about how purchasing your large format scanner with accessories can help to save you money, give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or shoot us an email at
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