New Product Highlight – Introducing the Metis DRS 2000/1600 DCS

At Large Document Solutions, we’re always seeking to improve the quality of our products, and we also strive to provide our customers with a broad and diverse range of large format scanning and plotting options. In order to give customers looking for the absolute highest overall large format scanning quality possible their fair share, we’ve added the Metis series of large format flatbed scanners to our catalogue. The Metis DRS 2000/16000 DCS scanners have been designed to provide the highest optical resolution currently achievable through technological means. For that reason, these devices are primarily designed to accommodate fine artwork, home décor, and other fragile yet nuanced documents and articles.


The Metis DRS DCS onboard system is the only scanning system in the world which guarantees one hundred percent accurate geometrical alignment. This application is particularly useful for professional cartographic reproductions, since even the tiniest deviation on a map can make a tremendous difference. Similarly, the opto-mechanical design which comes standard in each Metis unit provides a level of geometrical symmetry which simply cannot be beat by any competing device. Overall, the Metis series of devices are the highest level of quality which Large Document Solutions is currently able to offer in a large format scanning package, providing an overall optical image quality which is roughly ten times superior to any alternative scanning solution.


If you are interested in learning about how a Metis large format scanner can benefit your professional environment, shoot us an email at, or call us at (866)-338-4464.

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