New Product Highlight - Canon L-Series

Large Document Solutions is proud to announce that we’ve added another new series of devices to our product catalogue: as of November 2015, we are pleased to offer the Canon L-Series of Plotter and Scanner MFP to our customers. The L-Series includes the 24-inch iPF 670 L24, and the 36-inch iPF 770 L36. The L-Series is designed to offer an entry-level large format plotting and scanning option for businesses looking to expand their professional repertoire. Please note that the specs on the 24 and 36 inch iterations are identical, apart from the obvious sizing differences.


Both devices in the Canon L-Series of large format MFPs feature an ultra-high 2400 x 1200 dpi print resolution. The level of clarity on these devices is simply staggering – no other entry-level plotter features the same optical clarity. Both the 24 and 36-inch models in the L-Series also feature support for 2” and 3” cores, and operate on 5 color dye/pigment Reactive Ink sets. Designed with low-volume use in mind, the L-Series of MFPs are incredibly simple to use, and operate with unparalleled efficiency. The plotter and scanner included with each MFP are seamlessly integrated, and can be operated quickly and easily via the control panel on the front of the scanner. SingleSensor scanning technology ensures that each scan features the highest quality of optical clarity imaginable. Even more impressively, the MFP is surprisingly compact, and takes up a minimal amount of space in any environment.


If you’re interested in adding a large format Canon L-Series MFP to your workspace, give us a call at (866)-338-4464, or shoot us an email at .


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