Product Feature Highlight - Impressive New Features Added to the Versascan Series!

In this week’s featured product segment, we’d like to take a look at all of the cool features and functions built into the Versascan family of scanners, which really set them apart from the competition. Chief among these features are the V3D, along with the Batch Scan Wizard software. SMA’s Versascan devices are available in three different sizes – the introductory 25x50 flatbed size, the intermediate 36x50 flatbed size, and the high-end 36x100 flatbed size.
The Visual 3D, or V3D software is an exciting and innovation feature which comes standard with all new large format Versascan scanners. V3D is cutting-edge software which has been designed in order to map 3-dimensional images on 2-dimensional surfaces. V3D uses light reflection to detect the contours and details of textured surfaces, and duplicates these properties in a digital format. The resulting image is a near-perfection recreation of all of the 3D properties which real items and articles possess. No other large format device currently features the same functionality which Versascan’s V3D software brings to the table.
With the assistance of SMA’s Batch Scan Wizard software, scanning large sets of documents has never been easier. High volume scanning on a large format flatbed device can be difficult and cumbersome, particularly when dealing with large format scanners and plotters. Batch Scan Wizard is designed to simplify the process and expedite total output volume. The software allows the operator of the scanner to create a job (i.e. 200 scans) and then configure a predetermined template for that job – for example, if all documents require a specific brightness, contrast, or color mode, then the parameters for the job can be set accordingly. Those seconds saved per scan quickly add up – before you know it, you’ll have saved yourself hours of time through Batch Scan Wizard’s streamlined design.
If you’d like to hear more about how an SMA Versascan device can benefit you or your professional organization, drop us a line at or (866)-338-4464.
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