Product Feature Highlight - Rocker Mode

In this week’s Product Feature Highlight, we’ll be taking a look at a really nifty and unique feature which was incorporated into older Graphtec models via Scanning Master 21+ – Rocker Mode. Rocker Mode is an operational function built into the Graphtec IS200, IS210, CS500 and CS510 series of scanners. Rocker Mode was designed for discerning scanner operators who want to ensure that the quality of their images is absolutely perfect – no other feature allows scanner operators to fine-tune the quality of their scanned images with the same intricate detail which Rocker Mode provides.
To provide a bit of context, Rocker Mode does more or less what its name suggests – it rocks the scanned document back and forth through the scanner, rescanning the document with each pass while displaying each subsequent scan on a connected monitor via Scanning Master 21. The general idea is that – as the document passes back and forth through the scanner – you can see which areas are coming up clearly, and which need fine-tuning. As you adjust the brightness settings and white balance on your scanner, the device will incorporate the adjustments in real time, allowing you to visually observe their effects. This revolutionary technology speeds up high-quality scanning exponentially, and allows the operator to achieve his or her ideal image quality with a minimal amount of effort.
Most interestingly of all, many owners of the Graphtec devices which feature Rocker Mode are not aware that it exists.  If you own a Graphtec IS200, IS210, CS500, or CS510, and operate the device using Scanning Master 21, then putting your device into Rocker Mode is a quick and simple process, although it can take some quick maneuvering to get the process down pat. Once you find yourself in the Scanning Master 21 software with paper loaded into the scanner, putting the device into Rocker Mode is as simple as clicking on the “Options” field and ticking the box next to Rocker Mode at the bottom of the screen. You’ll have to be quick though – the box can only be ticked while the scanner is operating, so be sure to click it as soon as it becomes selectable. If you have any follow-up questions about Rocker Mode or the Graphtec IS200, IS210, CS500, or CS510 please feel free to drop us a line at or (866)-338-4464.
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