Featured Product of the Week – Image Access Bookeye 4V2 Professional Archive

This week, we’d like to take a look at our one of our premier premium products, the Image Access Bookeye 4V2 Professional Archive. The Bookeye series of large format book scanners features a diverse range of products – from the original Bookeye to the Bookeye 4, each series has introduced new features and capabilities which previous generations lacked. The Bookeye 4 series also features a surprisingly diverse range of capabilities; starting with the Bookeye 4 V1, to the V2 Basic, V2 Kiosk, V2 Office, and the V2 Professional, the Bookeye 4 series has something to offer everyone.  Among all of these fantastic products, however, the Bookeye 4 V2 Professional Archive reigns supreme as the device with the highest quality and the most astonishingly cutting edge features. Let’s take a look at what sets the Pro Archive apart from the competition.
Merging qualities found in previous iterations, the Bookeye 4 V2 Professional Archive aims to maximize total output and productivity while retaining overall image quality. The result is a scanner which works at ultra-high speed while maintaining an impressively detailed resolution. Scanning at 4ips at 600dpi, the Professional Archive has no need to sacrifice speed for quality – this innovative device is capable of delivering the whole package. Additionally, the Bookeye 4 V2 Professional Archive comes prebuilt with a V-Shaped Glass Plate which is intended to increase user productivity. The glass plate allows the operator to scan open books hands-free, by pressing down directly on the book inside of the cradle to keep the pages from folding. The V-Shaped Glass Plate can also be quickly and easily removed if the operator prefers to scan using the conventional method.
The Bookeye 4 V2 Professional Archive is ideal for:
  • Archiving sensitive and fragile documents, including those obtained from national and local governmental agencies.
  • Scanning periodicals, magazines, and catalogues.
  • Creating digitally archived copies of files obtained from file folders.
  • Historical preservation and duplication of books and other sensitive articles.
If you’re interested to hear more about how one of Image Access’ premier Bookeye 4 V2 Professional Archive large format book scanners can benefit your organization, give us a call or shoot us an email at: (866)-338-4464, info@largedocuments.com .
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