Featured Product of the Week – 3D Imaging Technology

Traditionally, large format scanners and copiers have been used to reproduce two-dimensional images from flat surfaces with few to no contours. Recent technological developments are changing the way we’re thinking about scanning technology, however. For that reason,  for this week’s featured product segment we’re going to be taking a look at our brand new 3D imaging technology built into all of our SMA Versascans, as well as our Image AccessWideTEK 12’s and 25’s: Visual 3D (V3D for short).
V3D software was designed with the intent of creating images with a realistic, 3-dimensional quality. Where most binary scanning technologies operate by detecting either the presence or absence of white space, dark space, or some color in between, V3D searches for contours around the focal point of an image, detecting the subtle nuances such as shadows and reflections. Using these visual indicators, V3D is able to replicate the real-life 3-dimensional properties of the image being scanned, recreating them in a digital form. Additionally, V3D works by instructing the scanner to rescan the image multiple times using different lighting qualities – by measuring the reflective differences, the 3-dimensional properties of the scanned image can be better understood. Finally, the separate images are combined into a single, cohesive whole – this finalized image will have noticeably realistic contours and surfaces, as well as a significantly increased depth of field. Last, if V3D is not needed during the scanning process, it can be quickly and easily disabled, allowing the device to scan in the standard 2D format.
V3D is particularly useful for individuals working with large format scanners, since many of the documents which can only be scanned through a large format device feature subtle contours and details. If you’re interested in purchasing an SMA or Image Access device with V3D technology, please reach out to us at info@largedocuments.com or (866)-338-4464.
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