Product Feature Highlight – The Unprecedented Benefits of the Backlight Upgrade for the WideTEK 25

At Large Document Solutions, we’re all about innovation – in that vein of thought, we’d like to take a moment to discuss a new and exciting optional accessory which we are now proudly able to offer for owners of our Image Access WideTEK 25 series of scanners. The Backlight Upgrade, available for all WideTEK 25-600 units, replaces the standard scanner lid of the device with an overheard fixture which allows the device to scan transparent materials. Examples of previously unrecognizable materials which the Backlight Upgrade renders visible include X-Rays, glass negatives, 35mm microfilm, aperture cards, stencils, sepias, film and any other transparent articles of media. The accessory is easy to assemble and install, and the device can be used with or without the backlight, depending on the requirements of the project at hand. Additionally, the Backlight Upgrade can be purchased alongside a new WideTEK 25 as a bundled item, or separately for current owners of the WideTEK 25.
While the applications which the Image Access Backlight Upgrade accessory provide are virtually limitless, some of the most exciting and impressive features pertain to the medical, film, and governmental sectors. Through the assistance of the Backlight Upgrade accessory, Image Access’ WideTEK 25 can now be used to scan negatives, radiography, cardio plaques, and X-Ray images which were previously difficult or impossible to scan. While there are many film scanners on the market, few can compare to the versatility and ultra-high image quality of the WideTEK 25; coupled with the Backlight Upgrade, you’ve got a surefire recipe for success. Last, archivists and curators know the importance of maintaining and preserving fragile documents – for years, the WideTEK series of scanners has been the go-to product in this department. Now, with the assistance of the Backlight Upgrade, no historical document need go unpreserved. From old drawings and stencils to transparent blueprints and designs, the WideTEK 25 can now handle it all.
Whether you currently own a WideTEK 25 and are interested in upgrading your device with a Backlight, or are interested in purchasing a WideTEK 25 with an accompanying Backlight Upgrade, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Over at Large Document Solutions, we’re more than happy to discuss the astounding capabilities of this handy little device at length.  We can be reached at or (866)-338-4464.
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