Featured Product of the Week – Colortrac GX Series

In this week’s featured product segment, we’ll be taking a look at Colortrac’s GX series of scanners. The GX series is one of our premium line of scanners – compared to our comparable lines, including the SC and SG series, the GX line of scanners offers extended sizing specifications along with additional features which cannot be found in our other devices.
The GX series are designed with width in mind – at 56 inches, the GX+T56 is our widest CCD scanner, beating out most of our ultra-huge Versascan flatbeds. With 56 inches of scanning width, the creative possibilities and technical applications for personal and professional projects are virtually limitless. The GX series of scanners are principally designed with maps, posters, artwork and other oversized documents in mind.
Like most of our other scanners, the GX series comes in three models – the “m” series, “c” series, and “e” series. Additionally, the monochrome and color models can be upgraded onsite at a later time, if you find that you need additional capabilities from your device. As with our other Colortrac products, our GX series of scanners come with a copy of SmartWorks TOUCH software, to allow quick and easy interaction with the device.
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