Scanner Maintenance Tips – Packing and Unpacking Your Rental Unit

Welcome back to our weekly segment on helpful tips for scanner maintenance. In this week's segment, we'll be taking a look at the steps we recommend users of our products follow when renting a large format scanner or plotter.


Renting a scanner through our website is a quick and simple process – we list all of our available devices at . If you decide that scanner rental is the right choice for your needs, there are a few quick tips you should keep in mind once you receive the device at your location.


  1. All of our rental scanners come bundled with items which are necessary for the device to work. These range from the obvious accessories (power connector, networking cables) to accessories which may not seem to be important (calibration target, stitching target). Make no mistake though, all of these items are important in their own way. Be sure to keep all of the included accessories which come bundled with your device – they all serve a unique purpose, and are imperative for the device to function optimally.

  2. Keep all of the accessories organized – it's easy to misplace a lone screw, or accidentally throw out a calibration target sheet once the device has been calibrated. In order to facilitate the process, we include packaging for all accessories which will help you keep everything in order. Also, be sure to hang onto all of the included packaging – from Styrofoam molds to bubble wrap, all of the packaging we include is designed to keep your large format rental safe during transit.

III).Last, be sure to take good care of your rental equipment. While it may be yours to use for the time being, most of our rentals go on to benefit hundreds of others in need of large format scanning services, and we like to offer our customers items in the best condition possible.    

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