Featured Product of the Week – Powis fastback 20 Book Binder

In this week’s featured product segment, we’ll be taking a look at our Powis Parker series of Bookbinders – specifically, the fastback 20 model. For the uninitiated, Book Binders are handy little devices which allow the operator to insert loose sheets of paper which are then bound together to create a book. Book binders operate quickly and quietly; after the binding process is finished, the bound edge need only cool for a few minutes for the finished product is ready, making book creation a simple and intuitive process.
Now, with the assistance of the Powis fastback 20, you can add book binding to the list of tasks which your business or organization is capable of handling. Never before has it been easier to create your own books. Whether hardcover, softcover or loosely bound, the Powis fastback 20 supports any and all book-binding formats. The fastback 20 also supports three different strip widths, so books can be bound containing anywhere from 10 to 350 sheets. The best part is that the Powis fastback 20 matches professional-grade binding – bound pages are able to handle up to 50 pounds of stress, meaning your bound books will withstand the test of time. The Powis fastback 20 is also 3.5 times faster than a punch-and-bind, saving you time on your most important projects.  If you’re interested to learn more about how a Powis fastback 20 can benefit your company, reach out to us at (866)-338-4464, or info@largedocuments.com
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