Scanner Trivia #5 – The More You Know!

Did you know – scanners come in all shapes and sizes. From the tiniest, hand-sized scanners, to our large-format flatbeds, modern scanners are built with creativity and innovation in mind.
The smallest scanners in the world are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand. These amazing devices – roughly the span of a pencil – are meant for quick, simple projects. Using single-camera technology, the user can scan a document by rubbing the face of the scanner across the image line-by-line. While the quality of these tiny scanners suffers as a result of their size, we’re still glad to see that this technology is being applied in such creative and intuitive ways.
On the opposite end, the biggest scanners in the world are large-format flatbeds, which are capable of scanning images of staggering sizes. The biggest flatbed scanner Large Document Solutions offers is the VERSASCAN XXL, which scans images up to 36x100. That’s a whole lot of space! While larger scanners may exist somewhere in the world, you can be sure that they don’t offer the same quality-to-size ratio which we pride ourselves on.
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