Scanner Maintenance Tips – Scanner Installation

In this week’s featured segment on tips for scanner maintenance, we’ll be focusing on the initial process for getting your scanner up and running. In this modern world, so many of the products which we purchase are ready-to-go right out of the box, so a lot of our customers tend to think their scanners will run perfectly the instant they plug them in and push the power button. The reality is that there are several important steps which need to be followed before a scanner can run as it is intended.
The first thing to verify upon receiving a large format scanner from us is that all of the correct software is installed – drivers need to be installed, which will allow the computer connected to the scanner to recognize it, as well as scanning software compatible with the device. If neither are correctly installed, the scanner will not be able to operate correctly.
Second, ensure that all cables are correctly attached. Also, check for compatibility – some scanners are optimized to use USB 2.0 as opposed to 3.0, or are designed to network through specific cables, such as CAT-5. Also, make sure that all cables attached to your scanner are firmly inserted – it’s important that they are fully connected, to avoid any electrical issues down the line.
Last, you are going to need to calibrate your scanner before it will run optimally. Depending on your device, there is a strong likelihood that you received a calibration target sheet bundled with your scanner. You may have also received a color alignment chart, or some other form of device for optimizing your scanner’s capabilities – be sure to run through all necessary tests before performing official work-related scans, otherwise the output of your images may suffer.
Truth be told, there are often many additional steps involved in scanner installation – these are just a handful of the most common ones which nearly all of our scanners require. If you are unsure how to perform installation of your device, please reach out to us at (866)-338-4464, or via email at
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